About Pipeline pipe fittings products production process
About Pipeline pipe fittings products production process
By PARIS-Terry Ding | 09 November 2020 | 0 Comments

How to write ins copywriting? Others don't dislike it. They want to watch it like a play

Why do people dislike your ins content?
Now, if you look at your ins copywriters, are they all like watching advertisements? What's sad is that the fans you've worked so hard to attract are blocking and blacking you, but you don't know····
You're sure to wonder why other people's circle of friends is addicted to watching and watching, like chasing a play, while yours is disgusting

Why do others resent it?
They want to satisfy their "state" of curiosity by swiping INS to see what's interesting and dynamic, which is destroyed by your advertising students?
At this time, they must be unhappy, not shielding you, shielding who? OK, now that we know the problem, how can we solve it?
It's very simple. It's OK to implant your advertisement into the scene of life. Therefore, we should try our best to be "soft" when writing copywriting in the circle of friends. How soft is it? Even if others are looking at advertisements, there is also a feeling of watching you share your life

How to  do  it ?
We must focus on people, not products,First of all, we have to create a label of our own.It can be responsible, filial, positive and sunny, love learning, patient, good husband, good father, good mother, good teacher´╝î
Then we start to create a life scene or a work scene, and this label must be in line with your own positioning
We share knowledge or humor or life experience through life scenes or work scenes, and guide our main products after long-term accumulation

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