Anchor flange

1500LB WN 18"SCH160 API 5L X65 Anchor flange

The anchor flange combines the two flanges connected by bolts in the prior art, cancels the sealing gasket, and makes an integral flange, which is connected with the gas transmission pipeline by welding, and is fixed with the anchor pile by its flange and

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Anchor flange is the key component of large diameter, high internal pressure and long-distance gas (oil) pipeline system. The improved CF62 steel is selected as the material of anchor flange, a variety of advanced and applicable forming and manufacturing schemes are put forward, and a batch of domestic products are manufactured by rotary forging and reaming technology, which meets the urgent needs of major projects.

The anchor flange is a pipe fitting part of the long-distance pipeline gas (oil) transmission project. It is welded on the main gas (oil) transmission pipeline and fixed with cement piers, half or all buried underground, to prevent the pipeline from excessive displacement caused by the combined forces such as self weight, internal pressure, temperature difference, pipeline trend and direction change, etc. the pipeline in the underground part is subject to uneven earth pressure, water pressure, and the upper part of the ground It is also affected by wind load, snow load, earthquake and other natural forces.

Due to large diameter of anchoring flange (φ 200- φ 1200mm) and high internal pressure (6-12MPa)

Due to the complex stress of anchor flange and pipeline, it is necessary to check the strength and rigidity and evaluate the resistance to fatigue, brittle fracture and earthquake. However, some stresses are difficult to calculate at present, and there is still no unified production standard. Most of the engineering design is based on the pressure vessel code, referring to the relevant standards and practical data to increase the margin, and through the finite element analysis of structural design, determine the engineering size
The blank of anchor flange forging is manufactured by free hammer forging. The rotary forging enlarges L. the initial forging temperature is not higher than L250 ℃, the final forging temperature is not lower than 800 ℃, and the total hot working ratio is not less than 3,After forging and heat treatment, anchor flange shall be subject to multiple quality inspections, including chemical composition re inspection, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, physical and chemical performance inspection, pressure bending test, etc., to ensure high quality of products